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Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program offered by the Rockville Centre Police Department which enlists the active participation of residents in cooperation with the police to prevent and reduce crime in Rockville Centre.

Neighborhood Watch is residents not only knowing each other, but taking the time to care about each other and work together in a program of mutual assistance. Neighborhood Watch strengthens neighborhood spirit and unity while helping to develop partnerships between the Village and the community on the “block-level”.

Neighborhood Watch is about crime prevention education and the implementation of important home and personal security strategies to deter crime and at the same time, improve the quality of life for those who live in the community. Community involvement is essential to combat crime. By cooperating with each other and the police, people can fight crime in their community in the most effective way — before it begins.

In Neighborhood Watch locations, signs are posted at either end of the block warning criminals that they are in an active Neighborhood Watch community and that neighbors are watching out for each other. The key to a successful program is having a Block Captain (a resident on your block to serve as the liason between your group and the Neighborhood Watch Director) and a committed group of residents.

The Neighborhood Watch is not a vigilante group. They do not have patrols. As a participant, all that is expected is to be aware of suspicious activity on your block. Basically, if you see something……. say something. They are extra eyes and ears for reporting crime and helping neighbors. Starting a Neighborhood Watch program on your block is easy for residents that want to make a difference.

We are always in need of Block Captains. Block Captains will help recruit for the program and will be the lead point of contact for all incidents on your block. This will allow him/her to piece together information that he/she may be receiving from other neighbors. Your block captain will keep records and keep the Neighborhood Watch Director informed of all incidents.

The Neighborhood Watch Directors will report to the Program Director that will work with the police. Neighborhood Watch does not mean nosy neighbors trying to stop criminals without the police. As a member, your responsibility is to call the police and report what you see – NOT to take action yourself.

We encourage everyone to participate in this joint effort between the Police Department and the community. Together we can keep Rockville Centre a safe and secure place to live !

Look For these unusual situations

As a member of Neighborhood Watch, call the police about all suspicious activity in your neighborhood. You and your fellow members should report any unusual situations, such as:

  • A stranger entering a neighbor’s home or apartment that appears to be unoccupied.
  • Anyone looking into parked cars, or removing parts, gasoline, or license plates from a car.
  • Anyone entering or leaving a place of business after hours, or loitering outside.
  • Breaking glass, gunshots, screams or abnormally barking dogs.
  • Anyone loitering around the neighborhood, schools, or parks.
  • Anyone going door-to-door who tries to open a door, or goes into a backyard.
  • Anyone carrying unwrapped property at any unusual time, or running while carrying property.
  • Any vehicle cruising slowly back and forth on your street.
  • Any abandoned vehicle on your street.
  • Windows or doors recently broken at a home or business.
  • Anyone sitting in a parked car, especially at an unusual hour, outside a home or business.

What Police Need to Know

  • What happened?
  • Where?
  • When?
  • How?
  • Who did it?

Vehicle information: If a vehicle was involved,

  • What was its license plate?
  • Color?
  • Make? Model? Year?
  • Which way did it go?

Vehicle Driver and passenger information:

  • How many people were in the vehicle?
  • Were they armed?
  • What was their sex? Race? Age?
  • Height? Weight? Hair color?
  • Clothing? Shoes?
  • Any unusual characteristics?
  • Did they say anything?


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“The Rockville Centre Police Department is committed to serving our community with professionalism, transparency, and respect.  We strive to protect the lives, property, and rights of all through continued excellence in policing.”