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Youth Officer

The Juvenile Division is part of the Detective Division which handles the investigation of all complaints involving juvenile suspects (ages 7 through 17) and the petition of juveniles to the Nassau County Family Court.

The Juvenile Division is responsible for the investigation of any offense in which a person under the age of 18 is a suspect. They are also responsible for petitioning a juvenile defendant into Family Court (juveniles do not go through the regular court system) and for requesting that a Juvenile be given a “Person In Need of Supervision” (PINS) status.

Our Detectives also work very closely with the DSS Child Protective Services Unit, school officials and child advocacy groups.

Typical Functions of a Juvenile Officer:


  • Investigate all criminal activity that involve juveniles.
  • Maintain centralized confidential records and up to date statistics on delinquency and child victimization/exploitation.
  • Investigate and, where necessary, research special youth problems such as drug and alcohol abuse, vandalism, gang activity, racial incidents, child abuse, child exploitation or self destructive behavior.
  • Screen all juvenile related reports generated within the department.
  • Investigate and process juvenile activity reported to the Departments.
  • Investigate and locate reported missing juveniles up to sixteen years of age.
  • Follow up investigations involving juvenile complaints.
  • Investigate physical and sexual abuse of children.
  • Investigate the complaints of adults that may be contributing or causing the delinquency of children.


  • Study and analyze the local juvenile delinquency problem and act as a consultant to public and private agencies on delinquency trends, patterns and issues.
  • Attend training sessions dealing with juveniles and other human relations courses.


  • Seek to divert cases from the Family Court by taking advantage of available alternatives, referring youth to the juvenile justice system as a last resort.

Community/Public Relations

  • Cooperate with comminty agencies concerned with youth. Family Court, child care agencies, youth bureaus, mental health centers, country probation and social service departments are examples.


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